Yes you read it right.  I am so excited and happy to announce the release of my new book and to celebrate I am giving it away. cloud in your business

Take Your Business to the Next Level: A “No Fluff” Guide on Using the Cloud to Run & Grow Your Small Business can be purchased on Amazon.  However, for 5 days you can get it for FREE… strings, tricks or gimmicks.  This books is all about how you can use the cloud in your business.

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As a business owner you may have many questions about the cloud. This guide explains the cloud, ways it can help start and expand your business, as well as detail the steps it take to move to the cloud.

The “No Fluff” approach gets straight to the point with a summary format highlighting the key, important points at the end of each chapter. In addition, you will be provided with checklists, worksheets, and questionnaires that you can edit, tailor, and use for your business.

If you are a solopreneurs, freelancers, or small business owner who really wants to obtain maximum benefits from the cloud…then this is the guide for you.